Throw the speakers!

27 Jun

DJ Toxxi Minaj & special tagteam performance w/ DJ Suki LIVE
@ Metaverse Satellite – June 30th – 4-6 pm slt

Dub, Top 40 & Hip Hop & more!!!

I am really excited bout this, I havent DJ’d in a while ANDDD this is the 1st ever Toxxic/Suki Live MashUP, Ive been waiting for this day for a loooong time. Its gonna be like “Throw the Speakers Bitch!” Mixed in with that good ole House Party only the AlterEgo Gurls know how to throw! I plan on having AlterEgo Goodies with me, so come out, chill, have a drink, mix and mingle with some people, ya’ll taken SL to serious man, have some fun & mass TP your list, I wanna bring this space station to the ground!!!!!!
– Toxxi Woxxi Bear

Toxxi and I will be throwing down and tearing up the airway ^.^ so feel free to help us spread the word, grab your friends and come on by! And AE V.I.P…lets party like we used to, I miss you all!!
I can’t wait to see you there!!

Suki ♥

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