Not gonna get us.

2 Aug

Make sure you check out perfect wardrobe and the dressing room before these rounds change!!

]What I’m Wearing[

[YunA’s HAIR] – [YH]-Prica-[BK1]
[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Candy ] – [ Summer Sunset Yogurt ] (Dressing Room)

  • Al Vulo! – Valkyria Mesh Eyes – Aqua (Included with skin)


  • Al Vulo! – Eye-Liner Black (Included with skin)

::je suis:: – charmante::pinks (Perfect Wardrobe)
:: AlterEgo :: Spoiled Slumber Set – (Perfect Wardrobe)
.:: Delusions ::. – I gotsa BooBoo KNEE PACK – Single Right Leg (Perfect Wardrobe)
N-Core – “Feet” – Socks/Cuff [B&W Strip, Tinted to R 31, B 31, G 31]

As I walk into the room it gets colder
A weary eye as I look over my shoulder
Slowly turn to face it, fears unwound.
It’s steps back, never made a sound.

“Strangely enough, I think I’ve seen you before”
The room left empty, you were never there.
In perpetual melancholy, amusement is rare.
Two sides to my brain, neither one I can spare.


Weep, in fact, beg.
What you want most is that you can never have.

Absent minded to the point of despair.
Completely blinded, I know you don’t care.

Internal monsters
Vanquished to the point of insanity
I know who I may be
but who are you?



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