·!¦[·♫♪· AlterEgo Promo Team ·♬♩·]¦!·

31 Aug

·!¦[·♫♪· AlterEgo Promo Team ·♬♩·]¦!·

Anyone interested in this group will need to fill out an application.
[You can I.M. me IN-WORLD(Adriana Steampunk) for one.]
And meet a few simple guidelines as follows :

You must be:
★ Professional, Outgoing and Friendly
[This is a way for you to meet new people!!]
★ Have excellent communication skills
★ Speak English (Bilingual is a plus!!)
★ You MUST be at least 1 year old in sl
[Switching roles between alts is not accepted(Only one avatar can be a part of the promo team per member).]
★ MUST be a female avatar
★ Have a nice looking avatar
★ MUST be voice verified by Toxxic Rhiannyr
★ Be passionate about fashion
★ Of course, LOVE AlterEgo!!!!

You will have to:
★ Be online min. 5 days a week (Anytime between 9am SL and 12am SL)
★ Be willing and available to help the owner &/or lead at anytime
★ Look for quality events
★ Be willing to get dolled up & party your heart out @ events
★ Have a group spot open: AlterEgo Promo Team – have it visible in your profile at all times
★ Have the AlterEgo Mainstore Pick active at all times in your profile
★ Wear your AlterEgo Promo Team Tag at all events you partake in
★ Leave Group notices ON for this group!
★ MUST attend at least 1 to 2 events each week

[As this is a trial group, it may be slow starting & we may have time when the group in dormant but if you tough out the trial we are expecting this group to be a very positive and fun experience :)]

★ AlterEgo Store Credit after you have made it through a 6 week trial.

There are still a few spots open but I anticipate they will close soon, first come, first serve, so get in while you still can!

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