7 Oct

Everyone who knows me, knows I am consistently pitching my landlady to prospective renters, Chacha really aims to offer reasonable prices and in my honest opinion she has the absolute best prices I’ve found in SL. She not only owns a few sims she is estate manager for others but I’ve found she raises the bar and communicates with her residents on a level I’ve not encountered often and I don’t think I will ever leave her. I have relocated to another one of her sims to open my mainstore but I’ve been with her since last year :] and I have no complaints. I am especially fond of her monthly payment option it betters suits me ^..^. So whether you’re looking for residential or commercial she likely has something that will meet your needs both financially and prim-wise.

If you have any questions, inquiries, contact Chacha Caproni in-world, via notecard or I.M.

A few spaces available for you to check out:
[Please read covenants as they may differ from sim to sim (generally they are similar in-that skyboxes must be above a certain height, 500m, heavily scripted items, breedables, etc,.. should be few in number and set to animation only as when the are walking around, etc,. they can cause sim lag, no eyesores, skyscrapers, see each covenant for more details on each sim by right clicking the ground clicking about land and going over to the covenant tab) additionally there may be spaces available that have not been set for sale so don’t hesitate to contact Chacha Caproni via notecard or I.M.]

Independence Island:

~~~$L5750/month; 1171 Prims; 4096 sq.m [Waterfront]
TP there now

~~~$L5750/month; 1171 Prims; 4096 sq.m [Waterfront]
TP there now

Damisha Bay:

~~~$L7500/month; 937 Prims; 16384 sq.m [Quarter-Sim]
TP there now

Mystery Cove[Chacha is estate manager here]:

~~~$L2500/month; 458 Prims; 1600 sq.m
TP there now

~~~$L5750/month; 1171 Prims; 4096 sq.m [Waterfront]
TP there now

Availability may change, I will do my best to update this post accordingly, please contact Chacha Caproni for more information.

^…^ Suki

Update as of November 8th :]

Mystery Cove:

~~~$L3000/month; 585 Prims; 2048 sq.m
TP there now

Companion Island:

~~~$L5000/month; 1171 Prims; 4096 sq.m
TP there now

~~~$L5750/month; 1171 Prims; 4096 sq.m [Waterfront]
TP there now


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