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11 Aug

:hf: // Brooke Shape --- Glitz Collection Promo

Hey hot messes!! [: ♥ I decided to make shape collections dedicated more to skin brands rather than the styling. These are the first 3 shapes of the “Glitz” Collection, shapes made using Glam Affair skins. Brooke, Luna & Haven may look similar in their vendor pictures BUT that’s because they were made using the same skin.

Glam Affair – Lilith – Artic – Clean D

As most of you know Glam Affair is having a 100L SALE! on all older skins, the sale ends when the new sim is built, and given that that means some skins will no longer be available I’ve made sure to test these shapes on numerous Glam skins. You still have some time to hit the sale though! Teleport NOW!

After doing my skin tests with these shapes, almost any Glam Affair skin should suit these shapes. In addition, I’ve also tested each shape with more than a dozen skins. I have put together “test” sheets displaying the some of the brands I’ve tested on each shape. Brooke’s skin test sheet is below, Luna & Haven’s sheets will be available on flickR soon.

↓ • S h a p e s • ↓

:hf: — Brooke Shape // MP • MP
:hf: — Luna Shape // MP • MP
:hf: — Haven Shape // MP • MP

Coming Soon…

↓ • S t y l i n g • ↓

Exile:: – Celebrity Skin – Naturals // MP
{D.A} – Sinistre – Injected Blind Brown // MP
:Sugar: Body Mods (Included W/ Every Skin)
:Sugar: Hair Base – Curved [1]
:Sugar: Moles :1:
:Sugar: Full Body Freckles
>Redbird< – Super Shine – Clear Gloss
Mandala – Shamira Dog Tag – Black // MP
DECO – Mesh Rebel Bracelet // MP
JinXtimacy – Nuetral Glitter Mix & Match Bikini – Black Top // MP
Razor /// – Nylon Cotton Tutu – Black // MP
DECO – Mesh Rivet Boots – Coal // MP

↓ • P o s e s • ↓

Expressive Poses // Emilly 1 & 5 — Hawks 2 // MP

↓ • B r o o k e  S k i n  T e s t • ↓

.TSG. // MP
Essences // MP
Deetalez // MP
Redgrave // MP
Apple May Design // MP
Pink Fuel // MP
sYs // MP
Damned // MP
JesyLilo // MP
Zombie Suicide // MP
Modish // MP
Al Vulo // MP
Corvus // MP
AlterEgo // MP


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