Ch0oz @ :happyface:

2 Sep

Hey Hot Messes, there’s some NEWNESS @ :happyface: [:

Every one who knows me, knows I’m a shoe addict, I’ve been wanting to get some shoes into :hf: and bought many prefabs in the past that I wasn’t really inspired by BUT finally….SPIKED PUMPS!! OO:

I hope you like them lovelies! ♥

First color of the “Solids” Ch0oz, “Onyxx Collection”
175L/Each // 350L/Fatpack

:hf: – Ch0oz – “Onyxx Carbon” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “Onyxx Steel” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “Onyxx Platinum” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “Onyxx Gold” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “Onyxx Bronze” // MP

First combinations of the “Custom Mashed” Ch0oz
(I hit up some of my fabulous friends and let them toss me requests, essentially they designed their own shoes and so unless otherwise requested these specific combinations will come in a single spike color, AND they will be offered at a reduced price!)

Have any requests? Shoot me a private msg, or a notecard in-world!

:hf: – Ch0oz – “Bubblegum” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “Grape Drank” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “Cotton Candy” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “VixXeD” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “Kysses” // MP
:hf: – Ch0oz – “Mystimoo” // MP

….Stay tuned for more!

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