Budget Chic #1

5 Oct

Hey hot messes,
This is one of a few blog posts that are long overdue!
I started TWHM with plenty of ideas and plans, I didn’t want it to be, just another blog, however I ended up psyching myself out every time I started launching some of them, knowing they’d be a lot of work. #3 on my list, was creating a list of “freebies”, “dollarbies” & “cheapies”, and me being the pain in the ass perfectionist I decided I would not start it, not on link, without testing each item. Quality varies ofc, they are, afterall, “freebies”, “dollarbies” & “cheapies” haha! We all start somewhere, dropped into SL with the bare minimum and had to navigate our own way, and if we were lucky, we got a bit of guidance. SL has since changed, become more fast-paced, and it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between true “newbies” and alts LOL just playing the part to take advantage, so most people, allow the new SL users to find their own way, share some blog links, suggest some stores they could check out, and go about their business. In all actuality though, it isn’t just for new SL users, there are some really great finds without the break to your wallet, and we ALL can appreciate that!

And now that I’ve talked my face offf, let’s move on to the 1st “Budget Chic” look…

W h a t  I ‘ m  W e a r i n g

!lamb. – Thieves Like Us – Ink // MP

F r e e b i e s / D o l l a r b i e s  I ‘ m  W e a r i n g

:hf: – May Shape (Coming Soon) // MP / MP2

.:Panda Punx:. – Myri <Forever> Sunkissed Skin // MP
– Myri Skin Sunkissed (With/Without Cleavage)
– Myri Sunkissed Lolas Tango Skin Applier
– Myri Bonus Shape
– Myri Bonus Eyebrow Shaper (Worn)
– Panda Punx Physics Layer

[XCW] – 2nd Gift – Eyeshadow // MP
– Green/Blue
– Orange/Lime/Green
– Pink/Orange
– Turquoise/Blue/Pink (Worn)
– Yellow/Green

KRUSH – Snapback Krush // MP
– Brim Down (Worn)
– Brim Up

Extreme Tea House – IV – Rolled (Mesh) // MP

Elysium – Pride Necklace – Rainbow // MP

Sixboi’s – Mustache Bag Black // MP

Statement – All Nighter Dress (Gray) // MP
– 6 Sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL)

K-Nai – Slip-On – Funny // MP
– White
– Black (Worn)

P o s e s

MODEL POSES – Pack 8 – E // MP


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