20 Dec

HOT MESSES!! Alright befffffooooooooooore you judge your Sukibear and the new chesticle additions to my avatar let me ‘splain!! I totally was never going to rock them UNTIL I realized I would need them to design appliers for :happyface: and to blog some of my sponsors’ appliers. However I will not wear them in every post, and I will still provide all my au natural ladies with their share of applier-less fashion!

Alright SO now that, that is out of the way *takes a deep breath* I HAVE A LOT TO SHARE WITH YOU IN THIS POST!! As you all know F R O S T 2013 has landed and is open for all you shopaholics! If you haven’t been over there yet get your wallets, purses, your friends and your boo’s, take the LMs below and check out everything…EVERYTHING!! Male or female, you WILL find something you absolutely HAVE to have. These boots for instance, from (r)M, I die for them, they are ridiculously cute and there ARE sizes included with each pair that are compatible with your L.inc PhatAzz Booty’s! In addition to the boots, I’m a sucker for striped sweaters, this one from alterego, was the first thing I tried on, besides my skin appliers, with the Lolas I picked up..no retouching here, this top looks amazing and made me less anxious about rockin’ the boobage [:

In addition to FROST, *Milk* is participating in the Merry Crisis Holiday Gacha Fair, and Katt has dropped some cute hairstyles at both events including this wicked slicked back bun I’m rockin’, the color I’m wearing and it’s respective colorpack has not yet been released but the style is available in LIMITED EDITION colors @ the Merry Crisis Holiday Gacha Fair!! They WILL NOT be sold after so don’t wait on ’em!! (Link to the prize sheet is available, here.)

I think I’ve blabbed enough, so let’s get to it! Oh one last thing!! Check out :happyface: & R.I.S.K.E @ FROST!

↓• W h a t   I ’ m  W e a r i n g •↓

*Milk* Hair – Boy Bye Bun – Reds (Colorpack Coming Soon) // MP

[Although this colorpack is not out yet there ARE Limited Edition colors Available @ Merry Crisis Holiday Gacha Fair in: Crow, Sand, Pinkdip(RARE), Bludip(RARE), Lilacdip(RARE), Jet, Diamond, Midnight, Snow, Brown, Greyscale, Creme, Blu, Coral, Copper, Royal, Redhead, Mint, Yellow & Lilac // Rares include adorable Holiday Pompoms  (4 Colors Available)]

Check ’em out, here. And get them while you still can, they will NOT be available after the MCHGF!

Glam AffairNEW! Kaelyn – Artic – 02 // MP
[Worn w/ G.A. – Kaelyn – Artic – Freckles 04 & G.A. – Kaelyn – Suggest Eyebrows 05]
(Lolas Tango Applier Available)

{Dead Apples} – Phantom Eyes – Snow // MP
:Hebenon Vial: – Pierced! Ears [Skittlelicious Pack] // MP
:Hebenon Vial: – Septumee 04 w/spikes [Ink] // MP
Lolas – ::: Tango Mirage :::
Action – Mesh Stiletto Nails – Empty // MP
alterego – [FROST ’13] – Winter Whimsy // MP
Scarf[Not Shown (Because I’m a stupid) see it, here], White/Grey Sweater Top, Sleeves, Belt, Jeans, Body Appliers [Tango & PhatAzz]

(red)MINT – [FROST ’13] – (ePUNK) Boots – No. 07 // MP
(ePUNK) Boots available in 9 awesome colors!
(HUD) Control – Socks – Stripes & Patterns
x4 Rigged Mesh Sizes (XS, S, M, L)
COmpatible with “L.inc” PhatAzz Booty (Size S&L)

↓• P o s e s •↓

skbio – Calli Set – Pose 4 // MP
::Focus Poses:: – Nerd Set 1 – Pose 8 // MP


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