Dear John..

7 Mar

Dear Hot Messes,

We’ve got heaps of shit going on this month, and SPRING IS NOT ONE OF THEM BUT as sadface as that fact makes me and though surely anyone dealing with the frigid cold is likely going bonkers right along with me, there are some hot, HOT, hot fashion events to keep us warm and tingly [;

First up we’ve got the infamous Depraved Nation with the Luck of the Irish Gacha Event, in which two of our owwwwn Hot Messes are participating, our resident bulletproof bxtchface, Vixen “Sell Out” Frost ; R.I.S.K.E,  and our spazaholust typo queen, Bubblespassion “Bubby” Resident ; :: Lust Creations :: !! MAKE SURE you drop in sometime between the 12th and the 28th to play!

NEXT UUUP we have the sl0otiest event on the grid, the Whore Couture Fair, in addition to a couple of my favorite lovebugs, such as *Milk*, R.I.S.K.E is also participating in this event so go check out Vixen’s adorable shoe selection, and the crazy cute *Milk* Hair that Katt has provided to feed your addictive appetites!

Last but not leeeast, THE ARCADE, yes “Hello, we are hot messes, and we are addicted to PLAYING THE GACHA!”, O.M.E.N has pulled out yet another fantastic collection to spice up your living space, get it while you can!

I won’t ramble on much longer but I would like to show some love to our newest sponsor Vestige, you all know I’m a pose whxre, and so when Crispy asked me if I’d like to blog there was a resounding yes that echoed from sea to shining sea :3

xxxo, Suki 

PS: Photo taken @ :happyface: Oasis

↓ • W h a t   I ’ m  W e a r i n g • ↓

*Milk* Hair – [WCF 14] – Tokyo // MP
{Tilly} – Ego ~ Fog // MP
::L.C:: – [LOTI] – Bubblegoth Headbands – Morrigan/Silver (RARE)

*COCO* Designs – In-World // MP ;

*COCO* Doll Head – 001V
*COCO* Doll – Body
*COCO* Doll – Monster Limbs – Dark
*COCO* Doll – Bodysuit – Black

↓ • F u r n i t u r e • ↓

O.M.E.N  // MP – [The Arcade] – Dear John Collection ;

– Dear John – Ingrid’s Cabinet (RARE)
– Dear John – John’s Cabinet (RARE)
– Dear John – Letters from John
– Dear John – Old Radio

↓ • P o s e • ↓

Vestige – Stacey – Pose 10 // MP

One Response to “Dear John..”

  1. caoimhelionheart March 10, 2014 at 11:02 pm #

    This is so good! Love the style, the photography, all of it!

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