..will drive you..MAD!

18 Mar

Alright, Hot Messes,
I’m so excited publish this blog post
I am going to keep the gabbing to a bare minimum [: !

First up! Skin Fair 2014, I ran around in happy little circles when I found out that Soleil, Dead Apples, made a skin, there are very few skins on the grid that fit my eclectic right out of the box, not that I’m not a complete skin whore, ’cause you know I am BUT these skins are to me, like flamboyant to Liberace. Check them out, here, hot messes, and at the very least, go try the demo!

Want to know where you can find who @ the Skin Fair? Check out Seraphim’s post, here. You have until the 30th of March, so don’t procrastinate!

Next! You know, that I know, and you know that the Arcade is going on and I WAS NOT GOING TO GO PLAY BUT these .Shi patches caught my eye, as an enthusiast of most anything with a steampunk’y feel, I had to have them, and thanks to the luck of the irish, I hit for like all the commons I wanted, and all the rares I liked in just a few plays, thumbs-up for not going for broke! You can check out the contact sheet, here, and you already know where you can find them!!

Moving on, to one of my favorite parts of this post, the outfit, Razor /// is participating in this round of Serafilms, the theme is Moulin Rouge, and let’s be honest…we all can’t help but love some Moulin Rouge, it’s one of my favorite movies, and being a burlesque, pin-up and everything in between fiend, I had to get in on the action, I also snagged some lovely poses from Sari-Sari, a boudoir and stool from Frogstar[not shown but coming up in my next blog post] and a Tentacio cabaret corset adorn with a fantastic steel petticoat[also coming up in my next blogpost], LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! So get your ass over there and shop your asses off like I did!

Lastly, my lovebug Clemmy, owner of Retro’, is having a closing SALE! However, she is not leaving the grid, which makes me super happy BUT she decided to embark on a new chapter, and Clamberry is that new chapter [: !! As always stay tuned for more, and if you’d like to go splurge on items marked down to 40L, 50L, 60L, 75L, & 100L you can visit Retro’, here. You have until the 31st!

From: :happyface: & your TWHM family, we love you Clem, and wish you the best of luck with your new brand! We can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve! 

xxxo, Suki ♥

↓  W h a t   I ’ m  W e a r i n g • 

Tableau Vivant – Bardot Hair – Fall // MP
{Dead Apples} – [Skin Fair ’14] – Ari – Porcelain // MP
(Worn with {D.A} Ari V1 Lips – Vampy Red [Included])
{Tilly} – Ego Eyes – Fog // MP
(epoque) – Jagged Tiara – Silver // MP
.Shi – [The Arcade] – Patch Mechanics – 1. Black [Unisex] RARE // MP
(epoque) – Shard Necklace – Silver // MP
(epoque) – Variant Cuff – Silver // MP

Razor/// – [Serafilms] – Rouge Outfit // MP
Strapless Bra [XXS, XS, S, M, & L]
Bikini Optional Lola Applier
High Waisted Shorts [XXS, XS, S, M, & L]
High Waisted Shorts [Cute Azz, Phat Azz, & Phat Azz Thick]

[Diktator] – DARE – Horseshoe Sandals – Black // MP

↓  P o s e s • 

Vestige – EVIE – Pose 1 // MP

Sari-Sari – [Serafilms] – Courtesan – Pose 3 // MP

Skbio – Calli – Pose 6 // MP

 F u r n i t u r e •

O.M.E.N  // MP – [The Arcade] – Dear John Collection ;

– Dear John – John’s Cabinet (RARE)

  S k y b o x  

:F: – Le Studio de Montreal // MP

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