Alright I originally half-assed my about me on here because I wasn’t sure what it was I should write, afterall, my blog is pretty straight-forward and obvious as to what it’s about right? I initially embarked on a search to find inspiration through other blog about pages, that proved to be lacking in variety and pretty much everyone said a paragraph about who, what, where, when, why, and how. Kind of like my original excerpt O.o. LAME RIGHT?!

So I figured let me actually apply some effort and use the words I spare you in most of my posts to actually relay some information that likely no one cares about :].

One of the main reasons I launched TWHM was to show love to the creators/designers of SL. I wanted to expose people to the stores that they may not have stumbled upon before. Show off the items we all love in my own personal way. I also wanted to blog events a lot of people may not know about and rather than covering it as an entirety, like the wicked-awesome Seraphim does, I wanted to blog my own personal favorites :]. We have all had those moments where we waste ?????L$ on something, we are excited, anticipating the arrival of our newest addition to our already ridiculous inventory..BAM you get that beautiful notification that it has arrived and you quickly unbox[if necessary] only to find disappointment O.O!! The words, “this looks nothing like the picture!!!!”, resonate in our heads and we bury it in a sea full of folders only to sit for a few months until your next spontaneous inventory purge. Granted, SL has limits, our avatar stretches here and blurs there and prims don’t behave the way we want them to. Mesh is too big or too small or just right!..OH except for that one little area that shows through even with the relevant alpha. These experiences are a part of our world, they make for great stories but eventually it gets old LOLOL. So we turn to bloggers, what’s hot?! What’s worth buying?! Where did you get your hair, where did you get your nails, where did you get your shoes, where did you get your skin, where did you get your shape, HOW DO YOU BREATHE LIKE THAT?! LOL you know, just casual conversation. We are all guilty of it and we are all victims of it ;] SO I took it upon myself to make my inventory a little bit more accessible 24/7 =P. I own a store in-world called :happyface: I have focused on petite, curvy shapes for the most part, however, I am working on an expansion to more of a variety. I am also a DJ, AlterEgo resident DJ, was a Death Row resident DJ, and I pretty much hop around the grid at various venues =D!

Pretty much, love it or hate it, it’s all good.

Adriana Steampunk BKA Suki Pornstep

Welcome to the madness, my lovely Hot Messes ;].

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