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…Made Of Clay…

1 Jul

Hellooo Hotmess’s!! Its me Bubsy! i know ive not posted in awhile bc ive been lazy :P ahaha but ill be posting stuff alot more :D so heres a post of the day come visit me at Lustrage Worn! muah muah muah! C:

:HappyFace: @ Tomorrow Today!

1 Nov

First 3 Releases for Tomorrow Today


:HF: Jaci Shape w/ StyleCard

:HF: Wesley Shape w/ StyleCard

:HF: Kaia Shape w/ StyleCard

more coming from :HappyFace:…

xxxo Suki ♥

Robot Rock

4 Oct

Hey hotties , if you don’t know, “The Arcade” is a quarterly gacha event, planned in September, December, March and June. There are heaps of people going broke on the grid O..o and if you haven’t been by to take a look around you have until the 15th of this month to go check it out! A tid-bit insider that we all had to learn the hard way, THERE IS A TRADING GROUP =O! Not only have I met some really great people I otherwise may not have encountered otherwise, it has saved me loads of linden trading duplicates and ALSO helped me clean out the massive number of items I had accumulated by giving away free stuff. I absolutely recommend you all join the official in-world trading group ^..^ and a big heftie shout-out to all the great people I’ve met <3. If you haven’t noticed take a look at my blogroll people the list has grown!! I met a lot of fellow bloggers so be sure and check out their shiz TWHM style, with love and hype! Of the items at the event these 3 avatar are the RARE ANA-mations mesh avatars, there are also 3 huggables, equally as adorable. BEST NEWS IS, of all the gachas, I had to play this very few times to acquire all the items I needed to complete my ANA-mations collection. Much love to Sophia Harlow for hooking me up with the Bluebot I’m wearing in this picture. And tons of love to everyone else who was generous and kind. We met a few sours but the wonderful people far outnumber them.


Visit “The Arcade” Now!

Jali of [www.immortalizedsl.blogspot.com] is wearing:
ANA_FiestyBot RARE

Sophia of [www.sophharlow06.blogspot.com] is wearing:

I’m wearing:

G O  T O  D I R E C T L Y  T O  T H E  A N A – M A T I O N S  G A C H A  N O W!

For more information on “The Arcade”:
O f f i c i a l  B l o g!
P l u r k!
F l i c k r  P h o t o s t r e a m!
F l i c k r G r o u p!
J o i n  t h e  I N – W O R L D  g r o u p!

“The Arcade” location/shopping guide:
Please note, not every designer was listed on the guide.

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