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24 Apr

Why must we place boundaries on love?

“It takes no compromise to give people their rights…it takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression.” 
― Harvey Milk

“You have to remember, rights don’t come in groups we shouldn’t have ‘gay rights’; rights come as individuals, and we wouldn’t have this major debate going on. It would be behavior that would count, not what person belongs to what group.” 
― Ron Paul

“The pressures on gay teens can be overwhelming–to keep secrets, tell lies, deny who you are, and try to be who you’re not. Remember: you are special and worth being cared about, loved, and accepted just as you are. Never, ever let anyone convince you otherwise.”
― Alex Sanchez

I messaged Rico and asked if he would be repeating the Stand4Love campaign again this year, taking a stand to support marriage equality for our LGBT community. Though the turn out and support was amazing and last year, for Rico and Edi, behind the scenes, it was a exhausting, they worked from the time they woke up, and well into the night sorting out the pictures we all sent them, posting them, in addition to everything else they had on their plate.

This campaign meant so much to me and I know it meant a lot to every one who participated, if they are to run the campaign again this year they will need all the help they can get, I’m helping, will you?

“If we are gonna run the campaign again this year, I know Edi and I would need a lot of help and it will be something simple…just a picture submission with their stories on a blog. I am happy to see though that many countries around the world are finally legalizing Gay Marriage with France being the lastest.What do you guys think? Should we do STAND4LOVE again and would you help?”
– RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

Below are some of the photos you can see from last years campaign!


Go check out the rest! xxxo, Suki  

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