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…Bring The Drugs Baby, I Can Bring My Pain…

30 Nov

Hello everyone its me Bubsy from Lustrageworn!!! i havent posted here in while so i thought i put this one up tonight :]…for the styling CLICK HERE and come visit me! :D muah xoxo REMEBER WE ARE A MOVEMENT! \O/

::HAPPY.FACE:: Restyling SALE!

22 Sep


As you all know fashion is ever changing and sadly stores come and go on the grid so my shapes are in serious need of a makeover!
I am constantly aiming to please my customers and unfortunately with so many of our favorite stores leaving the grid or re-branding there have been more and more items in my stylecards becoming unavailable :[. Some shapes will simply be improved, others will get the full head-to-toe restyle. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to snag my shapes because the prices range from L$1L$10L$50 and L$100, I will also be keeping track of every purchase and you will also receive the updated versions as well free of charge. Grab them while you can! Once all the shapes are restyled they will be back up to full-price! Think of it as pre-ordering ^..^ like video games :B.

This is marketplace only, NO LAG! :D

Check out the SALE!


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