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Over it..STRUT!

14 Oct

Ever find yourself walking down the street, feeling so cute, extra sexy, that you almost want to strike a pose? You check yourself out in every shiny surface, cars parked along the sidewalk, display windows, even in the reflection of your phone as you check a text message. ^…^ WERK! Abandon your inhibitions and strut down the concrete runway ;].
xxxo, Suki ♥

[Just a few reminders];
This quarterly round of The Arcade Gacha Event ends on October 15th! New round in December :].
The :Happy.Face: Re-Styling Marketplace sale ends on October 16th after Midnight[Technically October 17th just so there is no confusion]!
:Happy.Face: Mainstore will open on October 16th after Midnight[Technically October 17th just so there is no confusion] as well!

What I’m wearing;

/Wasabi Pills/ – Gloria Mesh Hair – Cinnamon – Reds Pack
:HF: – Kaia Shape[NEW!] – Coming soon!
.::Mother Goose::. – MiChi III – (A) Set – 1
:)BCC. – Po Eye – Sky
Blah. – (Cleo’s Eyeliner Black – Thick)
[PXL] – Open Mouth[Add on]
Blah. – (Circular Septum Piercing)
*Milk* – My Combat Mini – Navy [Comes with appliers!]
Tee*fy – Vintage Brownie Camera – Grandpa Old Camera(Rare) – The Arcade Gacha Event[ENDS ON OCTOBER 15TH!!]
(Milk Motion) Studded Clutch – Leather Red – The Arcade Gacha Event[ENDS ON OCTOBER 15TH!!]
Uber huge thank you to Blessing Moonwing for letting me borrow your clutch!! Shoutout to Sigma Gamma Sigma Sorority ΣΓΣ!!
~CandyMetal~ – Pumps Open Toe[Mesh] – Red

PXL Halloween Gacha

7 Oct

Sorry this post is coming late because I was really sick in RL <3. Halloween is my favorite day of the year, even more-so than my birthday! ^…^ I absolutely love dressing up, getting creative, organizing and attending haunts, it is the only thing I enjoy decorating for. PXL Creations is having a gacha event, the tent is located inside the mainstore, there are 8 NEW! Female Halloween skins designed on the Kate skin base, in addition to 8 female and 8 male skins from last time[I’ve included the vendors for those on the right hand side]! One of skins [first skin on the far top left hand of the picture above] even comes with a cool set of eyes :D and it’s not even one of the rares! [For my :Happy.Face: shorty crew I am going to make some petite shapes available free of charge that compliment each of the 8 skins on the left they will be available on the marketplace so keep your eyes and ears open for those.]

What I’m wearing:
PXL Creations:
(Top 4; from left to right)
[PXL] KATE – Demon (Halloween Gacha)
[PXL] KATE – Muerte (Halloween Gacha)
[PXL] KATE – Mistery (Halloween Gacha)
[PXL] KATE – Poker (Halloween Gacha)
(Bottom 4; from left to right)
[PXL] KATE – Skull (Halloween Gacha) RARE
[PXL] KATE – Damned (Halloween Gacha)
[PXL] KATE – Cracked (Halloween Gacha)
[PXL] KATE – Butterfly (Halloween Gacha) RARE

/Wasabi Pills/ – Sybille2 Mesh Hair – Ash

FATEeyes – Unlimited Customization Eyes & HUD[Mesh] v2.0
[I am an insufferable dastard whore, you all know this, Audrey amazes me with everything she does but these eyes are great too! Especially for those who want further customization and heterochromia iridis fanatics.]

TP to the tent now!

^…^ Suki

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