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11 Nov



I am not DEAD. I am alive and well, exhuasted because I have 2 Part -time jobs and a full time college student. So, yea I am CRAZY Busy, but hey now! I’m back for awhile , updating OUTRAGE and showing off my hawt new avie! So, Lets be serious here for a few minutes and I’ll tell you how to get this ROCKING, SEXY, DROP-DEAD, GOREGOUS look.

Skin // Lumiere B , Glam Barbie  — The Sugar Garden Outlet

Eyes // 13 — Illusory

Hair // Hanna — DeLa

Shape+Brow // VISICOUS — OUTRAGE{reloaded} {Not Yet Released}


White Jacket // Mia — Chandelle

Studded Bra // Studded – UNICORNOLOGY

Skirt + Belt // Kimmy High Waist — American Bazaar

Tights // Torn — Izzies

Shoes // Coquette Spikes, Black — NCore


Glasses // Nerd Glasses Classic — SOVI3T

Ties ++ Necklace // SMEXY TIE NECKLACE — Mandala

Rings+Bracelets // Prelude — WTG

Tattoo // Wine Riot — Sleepy Bozer

Thanks for your patience, Love and dedication. :) I promise to be on more and to cause more trouble to my lovely friends. :D Giggity, Giggity. XoXo — Lexxii S Y K E z


11 Oct


I absolutely love collaboration blogposts, and FINALLY I’m getting to collab with my lovely, sarcastic brat Vixen. She is an official TWHM blogger but if you didn’t know she has her own shared blog as well, the rock candy crew are three of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on the grid coming together to provide you with your fashion fix, as diverse as they are as individuals, personality-wise, they really come together in a group a mesh quite nicely, it’s beautiful how weirdos attract to each other like moths to light O.o.

Vixen, of www.rockcandykillsfashion.com, was standing on my platform getting all sexified and whilst having a sudden urge to nom on her adorable O.M.E.N bunny ears and offering to let her borrow one of my Shakeup! Vintage Rings from The Arcade Gacha Event, we came up with the idea of doing an inspired collab, our own renditions of White Rabbit & March Hare. A group of us have been planning an Alice in Wonderland themed collab for quite some time but you can never have enough of your favorites, right? And with a million ways we could channel the characters I figured, what the hell?! The color scheme of Vixens outfit is reminiscent of March Hare so I decided Victorian chic it was for Mr. White Rabbit with a dark twist, I hope you all enjoy our renditions! Make sure you check out Vixen’s blog for her styling!

Suki ♥

What I’m wearing:
=YunA’sHair= – {Pirica} – BK1
Al Vulo – Sally – Natural Porcelain
Repulse – Post Mortem Eyes – Dark
O.M.E.N – Bunny Ears Mesh – Bent Black
O.M.E.N – Tiara – Silver – Halloween Gacha(Runs October 5th-31st)
O.M.E.N – Monster Teeth – Halloween Gacha(Runs October 5th-31st)
Blueberry – Keira *Mesh* Scarf – Black
Shakeup! – Vintage Ring [19] – The Arcade Gacha Event(This quarterly round ends October 15th!!)
:Hebenon Vial: – Death of Baroque Tattoo [xoxo Trisha♥]
VIKA DESIGN – Corset(Mesh) – Blue/Black
Blah. – My Macrame’ Dress – Black
N-Core – EMPORIUM – “Pure Black”

Click for link to Vixen’s Styling!

The Perfect Match.

13 Jun

For those of you who have not yet been to Amorous, this is for you. I have been a fan of Matchbook since I was introduced to her work. What girl doesn’t love accessories?! After-all accessories do tie together an outfit, taking your look to the next level and allowing you to customize your style. You can visit Amorous on the marketplace BUT in-world you can take a gander at an immaculate build[Zoom Out :P] AND accumulate store-credit!

One of my favorite accessories is the “Matchbook Mouthie”

: Amorous : Matchbook [L$35]

Not only is it an adorable mouthie to add to the top of your collection, the match-tips change colors, and comes in both an open/closed version. It’s more than a steal at it’s price. [:

Another absolute favorite, because I love music, and as a DJ, the best pair of headphones I have ever owned in SL. Like most of Matchbook’s items these headphones come armed with a menu-driven changes. [Changes: Metal, color, shine, glow and Size.] Includes Classic[On Head] and Worn-down versions[On Shoulders.] And boys these headphones aren’t just for the gals!

: Amorous : Audiopunk Headphones [L$299]

I feel obligated to mention that Matchbook also has the best bronze texture I have ever seen. They are gorgeous in-world, and well worth the price. I highly recommend this item.

Ladies and gentlemen what is your zodiac sign :P? Whatever it is this modern necklace makes the perfect gift for birthdays, rezz-day, or just because ;].

: Amorous : Zodiac [L$253]

Dress it up or dress it down, just make it your own.

Looking for a simple, more natural look? The chunky orb bangles are a perfect treat for you.

: Amorous : The Orb [L$88]

There are a couple textures to choose from, and at this price, there is no reason not to get them!

Bracelet and bangle junkies, like me, will appreciate the vast variety that Amorous offers. These are a few of my favorites ^.^.

: Amorous : Hard [L$199]
: Amorous : Galvanized [L$215]
: Amorous : Animosity [L$188]

All three options are great for men or women, are menu-driven, so whatever look you’re going for these will accent nicely.

Two more of my absolute favorites are gorgeous and seem to be popular receiving many compliments when I wear them ^.^.

: Amorous : Albedo 0.39 [L$229]
: Amorous : Lacerated [L$299]

Spike your summer with a pop of color! ^.^

: Amorous : Urchin Earrings [L$132]
: Amorous : Helix Bracelets [L$199]

Grab some retro with these cute earrings! :]

: Amorous : Vinyl Earrings [L$131]

Make a statement. Choose your volume. :P These two cameo necklaces are definitely two of my NEW! favorites!

: Amorous : Granny’s Necklace [L$281]
: Amorous : Not Granny’s Necklace [L$281]

With so many options you are bound to find something to add to your inventory.

Too much awesome to put into one post :OO! Which is why you should visit Amorous in-world for yourself. :] Join the update group to keep up on NEW! releases.

Taxi to Matchbook
Visit Amorous on the Marketplace

Don’t forget to grab your free gift!

: Amorous : You [L$0]ALWAYS FREE!

: Amorous : Encircled [L$0] ALWAYS FREE!

– Suki ♥

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