Shxt Ppl Say

♥ [ vixen ]→ []

“She’s short, She’s funky,
She smells like a monkey,
Her name is Adri,
Yeah her name is Adri! xD”
-….- Vixen, from the first time we spoke, it was pretty clear that our friendship has a dynamic like no other. You’re so weird. Proper alien-like dude. And in all your weirdness one of the many reasons I love you so much is you are not easily offended, you have a great sense of humor, and heaven knows my friends definitely need one if they have any hope of sticking around haha. As rash and blunt as you can be in your honesty you are one of the sweetest people in my life. You take take shxt from no one and all around you are perfect for me ^…^. I cannot wait to hang out with you RL, until then skype calls, Deadly Women and Criminal Mind marathons it is! O.O’…♥
“ti voglio bene, in my language, XD, mean I love you”
^….^ Clemmy!!

♥ [ Mmkay ]→
Incoming message from MentalKaos
MentalKaos: *rubs lotion into your skin* so your a soft blogger
ㄅυƙι Ƥσяηﻛτєρ: LOLOLOLdnksbfkasfbkshdbgfalskdl;;ewiojsfnkj WHAT?!
ㄅυƙι Ƥσяηﻛτєρ: I mean I don’t mind you rubbing me down babeh ;]
ㄅυƙι Ƥσяηﻛτєρ: But what? LOL
ㄅυƙι Ƥσяηﻛτєρ: WTH is a soft blogger?
MentalKaos: ur skin soft
MentalKaos: just get lotioned ok
ㄅυƙι Ƥσяηﻛτєρ: ROFL
MentalKaos: *lotioning*
ㄅυƙι Ƥσяηﻛτєρ: LOLOL i got you babeh lolol I make sure I lather up every day haha
IDGAF what any one of you say, this woman is the shxt! Weird…a little weird..not gonna lie…especially after I found out why I was being lotioned up…and am now typing to you from her basement…BUT she is feckin’ awesome.
I love me some MK

♥ [ Monster ]→ [“alldaplaces&more” . com]
“:[ Sorry. Cxck is amazing, I can’t help it”

Ahhh my geeky, geeky friend, you sir are a weirdo, a nerd, and a complete clown. So effortlessly you make me laugh with the stupid. No brainer to keep you around, PLUS you’re the only witness to my almost successful wookie-cry…That is all!

♥ [ Mysti ]→ []

I, cannot, with you! The way that we met was an immediate tell of our friendship to come, you have such beautiful technique with your bxtch swag. And, I, would hate to be some of the people who land on your shxt list. I love that we are completely the same breed of crazy and even more-so, I love that we have similar dance moves without even knowing it LOL. Now put yo’ wig an’ yo tutu on and let’s go ’cause some havoc!

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